Friday, June 08, 2012

Marvelous Mint!

Fresh mint is a wonderful thing. Full of flavor and color, mint is a useful and decorative addition to home gardens. The consumption of it may aid in digestion, treat nausea, help those with asthma and other respiratory issues to have fewer reactions, and it's a wonderful breath freshener. Around here we have several varieties growing in our garden. 

Yesterday after putting in some time working in the yard, we decided we needed some iced mint tea, so I clipped several stalks off our plants and headed inside with it. We learned this method of extracting tea from the mint by watching the "Homestead Blessings" herb DVDs. My kids love doing it! The variety I'm using for this is orange mint, though we also have spearmint and apple mint in the garden as well.

First, clean the mint and put it in a nice large bowl. We use a huge stainless steal bowl.

Put very cold water into the bowl, but not a lot. You don't want the mint floating in water, you just want enough water to work with. Once the water is in the bowl, begin massaging the mint with your hands and wringing it, like squeezing out a towel.

Keep working the mint until the water becomes tea colored. It doesn't take very long. Just a few minutes.

Strain the tea from the leaves. We use a very fine screen sieve to make sure to get all the debris. In the past I've also used a little cheese cloth to line the sieve for better filtering. You could even use a coffee filter.

From this you get your concentrate. Pour into a pitcher. We're using a gallon sized pitcher and we sweetened with 1/2 tsp stevia powder, but you can use any sweetener you prefer. If using regular sugar a 1/2 cup will do. Or you could go unsweetened. Mint certainly has enough flavor to skip it altogether.

Next fill the rest of the way up with cold water and stir. Here's what it looks like once it's mixed.

Ready to enjoy!
Super refreshing!

Another wonderful benefit to growing mint is bugs hate it! You basically just need to put it in the place it can flourish and leave it alone. It grows in containers or right in the ground and keeps growing through spring, summer and autumn, if it doesn't get too cold.

Need some more uses for mint?

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So, give it a try! Mint is marvelous!


  1. I have one kind of mint growing, spearmint. My attempt at peppermint wasn't successful first time around. Eventually I'd love to have a whole collection. :)

  2. i grew up with mint!! and my mom used it for a pretty display for her food...
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